An employee can enter, change, update or edit anything to do with their Personal Details, Family details and Document Uploads. 

All Personal Details and Document Uploads will be confirmed only after your Admin has verified and approved the same. However Family details are not subject to any Admin approval. 


Personal details could be accessed as

  • Select the option My Organization --> My Profile.
  • Personal details can be entered or changed by employee. 
  • The entered or changed details will be available to Admin for approval. The Admin can view it on their dashboard.
  • The employee can withdraw the changes before the Admin approves the changes.

  • Similar to the Personal details, an employee can update his/her Family details under the option My Organization --> Family Profile. The Family details update do not need Admin approval.
  • An Employee can upload documents through the option My Organization --> My Documents. Employee can upload any documents but the documents that are defined as" needs approval",  will have to be approved by the Admin.